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Interested in Working at Impact Construction?

Here's what you should know:


We are a small team of friendly, passionate people that love learning new tricks of the trade, to innovate and expand on our knowledge, and to deliver top quality products and workmanship to our clients. We don't cut corners. We don't do a half-fast job. If you're someone who's talented and as passionate about the trades as we are, then working with us will be a great opportunity to expand on your knowledge to have a gratifying career in the trades.

This is a seasonal business which usually means shorter hours in the winter, longer hours in the summer and closed for two weeks during the Christmas holidays. The ability to work overtime hours during peak season is essential.


Some of the benefits of working at Impact Construction include: 

  • A Positive and friendly work environment

  • 2 weeks Christmas/new years holiday (we are closed)

  • Learn more, Earn more incentive 

  • 2 weeks vacation

  • Great work schedule (weekdays), minimal weekends

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